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Connection Engine for Entrepreneurs

Bring the opportunity for everyone to build a sustainable future, boosting borderless co-creation to solve social issues around the world.

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What We do?

Seekers Base Platform will empower entrepreneurs and project leaders who’s project may be off the radar from conventional VCs and investors. At Seeker Base anyone who want to make a positive difference can access to needed resources and collaborate with like-minded actors around the globe, to create a better community, a better world and a better tomorrow.

For Whom?

Seekers Base is the space where Investors, Professionals, Government Agencies, Corporations and people like you and us combine their efforts to solve social issues around the world.


  • Put your project on the Radar (change map for radar)
  • Get your first pitch deck for investors
  • Connect with interested investors around the world
  • Identify, measure & track the social impact of your project


  • Set up your investing preferences
  • Find & Search projects worldwide
  • Connect with entrepreneurs that match your requirements
  • Visualize and track the real social impact of your investment


  • Set up your interests
  • Search & Find projects to support or sponsor
  • Promote your events, contests, and initiatives
  • Connect with social entrepreneurs
  • Keep updated on trends, innovation and other stakeholders
  • Keep updated on trends, innovation and best practices around the world


  • Get involved with impactful social projects
  • Promote your skills and resouce across the globe
  • Improve your SDGs profile
  • Be part of social change

How It Works?

When there is a deeper purpose and interest among stakeholders, connections and co-creation is more efficient.


Put yourself in the radar

Make your project, needs, resources and skills know


Connect with the right resources

Social entrepreneurs will be connected with investors, partners and resource providers


Activate your project

Matched stakeholders begin working together & implement the project


Track social impact

As project develop, social impact metrics are tracked as well as project progress

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Seekers Radar

The ultimate social impact stakeholders location tool

Find the investors, startups and other resources that best match your social purpose with our powerful search engine.

Seekers Doodler

Where social impact ideas and solutions are co-created

Find inspiration, share social concerns, co-create solutions with people like you... Be the change!

Who We Are?

We believe that everyone is seeker, who is on the quest to find own personal mission and fulfilment in life. After going through a long period of doing business just for the sake of making money, new generation has came to a realization that the fulfilment comes from achieving a balance between what you do for yourself and what you do for others. With world wide interests in achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by 2030, Seekers Base are founded in 2018 June by a group of serial entrepreneurs and international professionals with the shared vision “To bring the opportunity for everyone to build a sustainable future.”

As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of joint work and co creation, and how hard it can be to find the right resources that are often beyond reach or off radar

In seekers base, we don’t want to leave the success of social solutions only to luck. We have created an engine where borderless connections between actors are efficiently created, boosting social impact of individuals worldwide.

Pradyumna Vyas

Honorary Advisor


Kayoko Tsuchiya

Lead Strategist | CEO


Serial entrepreneur with lifelong vision to build O2O platform to promote borderless collaborations and technology co-innovations in order to resolve crutial social issues and conflict across the globe. Speialized in media /computer and human interaction/product and service design. She co-founded Edu-Tech venture in U.S. and led over 100 multicultural development team. The language learning Solution/ SAAS Platform which she took instrumental role in developing has been deployed throughout Asia. She spear headed SAAS implementations in japan market in recent year.

Youngsup Shim

Programme Management | COO


Business consultant with 10+ years experiences. Has expertise in project management, change management and facilitation through cross-border engagements. Demonstrates facilitative leadership to mobilize a team of talents with multi-disciplines and to drive a project managing expectations across multi-stakeholders. Holds Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Nagoya University.

Keisuke Izumi

Director of Product Development


His expertise is marketing, business development, and design as entrepreneur. He has built IT company, "aisaac inc." as Co-Founder / Marketing Director in 2015, also built High-Jewelry Brand "H. nao" as Co-Founder / Creative Director in 2016. Before starting his own business, he was in Marketing Department of Procter & Gamble and in charge of business brand owner of Laundry Detergent brand in Japan market.

Kana Sugimoto

Brand Strategist


Researcher and entrepreneur with a strong passion to seek for sustainable brand value of companies and individuals. As a researcher, she teaches at Waseda University and Waseda Business School(Graduate School of Business and Finance). As an entrepreneur she has been providing English pronunciation training program for non-native English speakers.

Hiromi Maeo

Chief Creative Director


He is an award-winning Japanese designer with over 20 years' experience. His design expertise covers wide ranges of visual representation for brands, including: CI and VI design, art direction, design consulting, web design, packaging design and space design.

Jhoanna Rosales

Director, Latin America


Serial entrepreneur and life lover. Environmental Engineer & MBA from Hitotsubashi University. Is the founder of the first and only recycling facility specialized in the management of electronic waste in Ecuador, as well as a social business to promote worldwide organic unique products from Ecuador

Masako Ono

Associate Social Activist / Cultural Ambassador


An award winning dance artist and a founder of MUDRA foundation and Odisha Biennale. Masako Ono is a key cultural liaison between India and Japan. Her life work as she says, “Sharing my feeling of exuberance through my mystical experiences, transcending boundaries of everything, connecting the ancient and the contemporary” Empaneled Odissi dance artist of ICCR, Govt of India. Once named as one of 100 most respected Japanese by Newsweek Japan.

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